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Title:80 MORE reasons to ship MARINA (2)

this was originally 43 mins long but was able to cut this down to 30. This ship is so good! Honestly one of my TOP ships in my list. I'm so happy that they got married ❤️ hope yall enjoy this one.

This video has spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. But enjoy nonetheless!

0:00 MAYA Bishop and CARINA DeLuca (2)
0:13 Being away from Carina is torture for Maya
0:56 Jack, who was once Maya's past fling, isn't a threat to Carina
1:27 Maya can get real clingy with Carina sometimes
2:37 Living with Carina is "so nice and perfect" for Maya
3:31 The teasing
4:02 Living with Carina is new for Maya
4:29 Terrified of the idea of hurting Carina like her abusive father
5:06 Maya can be very protective
5:53 They respectively share the same kind of family growing up
6:49 The way Carina plays with Maya's hair
7:04 Prioritizing Carina's safety over her title
7:23 Stayed by Carina's side after what happened to Andrew
8:19 Also being her emotional support
9:05 The way Maya listens to her
9:47 Maya takes care of her
10:12 Maya is just what Carina needs
10:40 Willing to shoulder her guilt
11:01 Carina calls her "Bambina" (meaning "baby" in Italian)
12:17 Lets Carina run the Station
13:13 Helped her "scream"
13:59 "What you and I have is FANTASTICO"
14:10 Maya trying to propose so bad
14:50 "i love you"
15:19 Carina surprises her
15:52 Maya's team helping deal with their relationship with Carina
17:14 They argue like a married couple
17:46 Season 4 kisses
18:45 The way they hold each other
19:26 They know when to say sorry
19:54 Carina proposes instead
20:16 "We're getting Married"
20:27 The team are happy for them
20:38 Obsessing over the right dress for the Wedding
21:15 Insisting to be apart of a "Firehouse Wedding"
21:49 The team's help with the Wedding
22:29 Living with Maya was a "marriage" for Carina
22:56 They get better at communicating
25:13 The coming out discussion that prompted Maya to confront her dad
25:47 Unlike her dad, Maya can be completely understanding with Carina
28:19 The way they reach each others hand
28:53 They make each other happy
29:40 "Wife and Wife"
29:55 The Love in her eyes

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