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Title:ROR: Luigi's Mansion (GCN Vs. 3DS) (UHD 60fps)

Reuploaded because YouTube refused to enable 4K on the original upload. FOR BEST RESULTS, WATCH ON A BIG SCREEN IN 4K OR 1080p, 60 FRAMES PER SECOND. Hey, look, Exo reviewed that remake that just came out, and it only took him two months since the last video! Lots of people have been requesting this one on EPG Plays and on Twitter, and I was going to redo my first review eventually, so here we are. Luigi's Mansion originally released on the GameCube in 2001, and is something of a cult classic for the system, but gaming publications also criticized it upon release for its short length. How well does Luigi's Mansion pack its 2-6 hour running time with polished content you want to replay over and over? What does the 3DS improve or add to justify its $40 asking price? Given that the Nintendo Switch is an option for portable remakes, how much would the remake have benefited from releasing on that platform instead? I discuss these questions and plenty more in this hour long Remake or Rebreak extravaganza. Credits Music | "That Balcony Thing," an OCRemix arranged by Xaleph: ocremix.org/remix/OCR00809 Luigi's Mansion on Metacritic: www.metacritic.com/game/gamecube/luigis-mansion Nsider Article: web.archive.org/web/20071014103505/http://www.n-si… Miyamoto's improvisational development style and the original Star Fox: www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-07-04-born-slippy-… Side Quest Gamer: /channel/UCh_O0ai99MsT5AmLrjBLPVg J's Reviews: /channel/UCOiqB1MjAZpaq4m8WIoqQAw EPG Fan Discord: discord.gg/6RDPKRS EPG Plays (Let's Plays and Streams): /channel/UCwLQ5HiX4jPLifHVbFS0irw Unversed Cast (Video Podcasts on YouTube): /channel/UCaX0i-H5-gv-9PcU3MXhzWw Unversed Cast (Audio Podcasts on SoundCloud): soundcloud.com/unversed-cast Twitter: twitter.com/ExoParadigmGmr Remake or Rebreak Scores: 1- Rebreak: Fails to resurrect the same quality standard as the original due to incompetent design, technical failures, etc. A virtually worthless remake/port overall. 2- Re-Meh: Not as good as the original, but a relatively competent recreation that is still playable enough. Alternatively, a Re-Meh may fail to address the original's salient issues or neglect to add anything substantial. 3- Remake: An improvement overall, but not necessarily worth playing if you already own the original. Typically adds some new content or fixes salient issues with the original. Remakes with this score often don't reach their fullest potential or otherwise lack something meaningful you can only get in the original. 4- Remaster: A rerelease that changes, fixes, and adds so much that it stands heads and shoulders above the original version. A Remaster not only faithfully recreates the original, but fixes most (if not all) of the original's issues and adds a sizable amount of worthwhile new content as applicable.


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