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Title:[MUSIC] 'Use Me Up' (Angel's Order) (Original Music)

BUY/STREAM THE SONG: Bandcamp: paranoiddj.bandcamp.com/track/use-me-up-angels-ord… iTunes: itunes.apple.com/album/id1616244709 Spotify: open.spotify.com/album/2A7dmUZNlQ9RVko6Ko18OC Apple Music: music.apple.com/album/id/1616244709 A brand new original song based around Angel Dust, featuring originally created backing music, sound design, voice acted story and artwork. This is the big one. A daunting prospect. An almost intimidating challenge I never thought I'd be able to even attempt, yet alone make a proper song about. Angel is the arguably the most popular character that the Hazbin world has to offer and he already has an official song to back up that claim. To try and make something true to his character without coming across as a shallow imitation of something like ADDICT was difficult. This song took a lot of work, but I'm incredibly proud of the end result. The reason why I decided to make it is because Hazbin is now at a crossroads. As of the premiere of this video, we've now had two character redesigns unveiled for the show as it transitions into a full series, we've had staff confirmations of who's working on it and the era of the pilot is coming to a close. That's both exciting and a little sad. The pilot episode, the comics, and especially the voice acting prowess of Michael Kovach as this character was a major inspiration to me when I first came back to YouTube. Since then, I've had almost two full years of making content primarily focused on this world and spent longer than that enjoying the universe that we've all come to love. Yet another round of praise and attention is needed for Ayyy-Imma-Ninja for being a brilliant artist again for my music. The artwork she created for the song perfectly captured what I wanted to portray with both the story and the chaos of Angel's character. I hope you'll all shower her with praise for such a brilliant effort. Last but not least, another round of shout outs to Corey Wilder for being one of the best friends I've come to know over the last few years in the field of sound work for providing his voice during the opening story moments of the project. All of their details will be below. Use Me Up is a love letter, a tribute and a gigantic thank you to not only all of the incredible people who helped being this world to life in the pilot episodes, but also to all of you for enjoying my creations within it and continuing to support me through so much both in and out of the fandom space. As we're entering a new time for the show proper, I hope this song pays fitting homage to the thing that started it all off for us. Keep being brilliant, all of you. All vocals, sound design, lyrics & music production: Myself (PARANOiD DJ) Original Artwork: Ayyy-Imma-Ninja twitter.com/Megluvyoutube /channel/UCegICiK5ImxRMymA7bqwe9g Additional story voice work: Corey Wilder twitter.com/WilderCorey /channel/UCAqjaKzmkH_WLMjkVt95Nag Hazbin Hotel and all its characters belong to Vivziepop and Spindle Horse Toons. Twitter: twitter.com/PARANOiDDJ1 Ko-fi: ko-fi.com/paranoiddj1 SoundCloud: soundcloud.com/paranoid-dj Bandcamp: paranoiddj.bandcamp.com/ Spotify: open.spotify.com/artist/1ErI35SxG33WMpluWpSe08 Apple Music: music.apple.com/gb/artist/paranoid-dj/470018767


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