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Title:Наркотики и борьба с ними в современной России / Редакция

This video is about one of the most challenging problems that exist in Russia and in the world. According to the UN, there are about 35 million drug addicts in the world.

Official and unofficial figures on drug addicts in Russia vary greatly. Rehab centres that cure drug addiction are in demand, so the number of drug addicts is not as low as official statistics show.

We decided to find out more about anti-drug campaign in Russia. We wanted to know who makes money on it? And what should you do if you or your close people became drug addicts?

An important disclaimer:
Drugs are harmful. Consumption of drugs can negatively impact your health and can be a treat to your life.

00:00​ Intro
1:10​ There are 10 times more drug addicts than official statistics claim.
02:52​ Why do people consume drugs?
07:28​ Why are the most dangerous drugs also the most popular?
8:30​ The turnover of a Russian 50 drug marketplace is 50 billion rubles.
11:31​ How much money does a drug shop owner make?
12:32​ Why no one closes this drugs marketplace?
14:50​ Why do people come to drug business and why they are likely to be caught?
16:34​ Why our system of punishment makes the situation worse?
22:48​ Who patronises drug stores?
25:47​ Why do people have drugs planted on them?
29:33​ Do drug dealers feel guilty?
34:49​ Why rehab system is a chaos?
35:40​ City Without Drugs Foundation. Mafia against drug dealers.
41:48​ Methods of treatment in City Without Drugs
46:50​ Can you use force to cure drug addicts?
51:06​ Does religion help drug addicts?
52:28​ Drug addicts as free labor
1:04:27​ Why Russia does not have a law that regulates narcological issues?
1:07:37​ Can you make a lot of profit from rehabs?
1:09:28​ Maintenance therapy
1:12:56​ Why do they give syringes to drug addicts?
1:16:50​ A twelve-step therapy
1:20:36​ Can you inherit drug addiction?
1:22:04​ Russia allows vodka but not weed
1:25:33​ Gate control theory
1:27:37​ What do you need to understand in order to quit drugs?
1:29:17​ Why is it irrelevant to discuss drugs legalisation in Russia?


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